New Era In Quality

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Welcome Again,

As a designer, it is very easy to think that your job is limited to creating an attractive design. Well, part of it is, but when you are looking into the durability and captivity of your design you eventually understand how important quality is.
Black Gold is that brand in which you can always trust for bringing out better in quality everytime there is something new. Though we might not yet be up there with the Giants of the fashion world, we know exactly what we are out to give and how we want to touch peoples experience when it comes to clothing.
Keeping in mind that we are out to valorise the African culture, you can always count on us to find in our designs the best African Fabrics out there in terms of quality and you are free to propose some Fabric designs we might not be aware of. That said, the up coming collection of Black Gold is one that will express clearly where we are going in this venture, you will notice a big difference in a lot of things such as, the sawing, the designs, the quality of Fabrics, the logos and the branding. We hope to grab more of your satisfaction and we promise to always think of ways to finally reach our main goal which is puting an African brand on the top list of clothing brands in the world and why not make is the most desired brand.