We do appreciate your interest to know more about BLACK GOLD, a brand inspired by African
cultures and style. Our vision is to revalue the African continent through Fashion and shine the light on
its beauty through our different products. We want to present and institute the African print as a
powerhouse in the contemporary, fast growing clothing industry.
 BLACK GOLD is an African brand, but anyone can relate to it. It signifies the symbiosis between
modern and traditional, African and American, semi-formal and casual. Our first collected comprises T-
shirts and Polo shirts, as well as matching accessories. However, we strive to capture other ventures,
putting our creativity into work to bring our vision to life.
 WEAR YOUR BELIEF is our motto, and we live by it every day. We want you to feel good by
looking good. As such, we take pride in our culture as Africans, and we let our clothing line talk by itself.
BLACK GOLD is innovative, unique, and distinguishes itself from other brands, giving the ability to
our customers to be powerfully different. Africa is welcoming, warm and vibrant, and BLACK GOLD
represents just that. Our clothes are not simply clothes; they are an experience: know what it is to dress
like an African, but fit in the Western world.

Steve Sounke, Founder and designer



My name is Steve Sounke, co-founder, and designer of BLACK GOLD USA. I was born and grew up
in Cameroon, Central Africa. After obtaining my high school diploma in 2009, I moved to the USA to
pursue a college degree before entering the workforce. However, things were not as imagined, as I was
going to school full-time while working long hours to sustain myself and take care of my family back in
Cameroon. As I finally graduated in 2015 with a degree in General Studies, I decided to work on an
independent project which would represent me, my story, my origin, and my character. After talking with
friends, I realized they expressed the lack of proper, everyday cloths that embodies the beliefs we
share. And that is how BLACK GOLD was born. I immensely love Africa and fervently believe in its next
rise and power to change the world. I want to contribute to its renaissance through fashion, bringing out 
the African soul in a united and global way.