New Era In Quality

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Welcome Again,

As a designer, it is very easy to think that your job is limited to creating an attractive design. Well, part of it is, but when you are looking into the durability and captivity of your design you eventually understand how important quality is.
Black Gold is that brand in which you can always trust for bringing out better in quality everytime there is something new. Though we might not yet be up there with the Giants of the fashion world, we know exactly what we are out to give and how we want to touch peoples experience when it comes to clothing.
Keeping in mind that we are out to valorise the African culture, you can always count on us to find in our designs the best African Fabrics out there in terms of quality and you are free to propose some Fabric designs we might not be aware of. That said, the up coming collection of Black Gold is one that will express clearly where we are going in this venture, you will notice a big difference in a lot of things such as, the sawing, the designs, the quality of Fabrics, the logos and the branding. We hope to grab more of your satisfaction and we promise to always think of ways to finally reach our main goal which is puting an African brand on the top list of clothing brands in the world and why not make is the most desired brand.


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Africa iS mostly known worldwide for its large scale of culture. In most African cultures and traditions, every single discovery and practice has a very defined meaning. In the past, people of different social levels and influence were distinguished by the quality of their possessions, such as the fabrics on their cloths, the material on their shoes and even the value of their jewelries.

Ghana, made its mark in the clothing and fabric line, not only by being one of the highest producer of African fabrics on the continent but also by being the creators of one of the best quality fabrics in the Area. The KENTE fabrics has for a longtime been considered as a royal fabric, worn by very influential and important people due to the time and intense effort applied in making them. Just like leather in the modern society, KENTE is very rare and expensive. And even though there are replicas out there, it is always a feeling of respect and uniqueness when one gets his hands on the originally hand made KENTE.

BLACK GOLD made it part of its duty to elevate the African excellence through high quality clothing materials from our motherland Africa. Which is why we went all the way to find the best of African fabrics of the moment for the creating/designing or our next collection. We are very excited about it as it will bring in a different approach to our venture and at same time add more value to what we are offering our loyal customers.

The KENTE, will be added to the fall collection of sweaters and hoodies in a stylish and very appealing design by CEO. STEVE. And we guarantee our customers a very affordable deal with more satisfaction than before. Thank You for the trust and support so far.




The road to excellence starts with an idea

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Black Gold is certainly a brand and aims to be a very big one however, the vision behind the brand goes far beyond the love for the culture. The vision aims to raise up an awareness of the African clothing culture in other communities and eventually, through out the planet.Our new designs expeesses just that.
We believe in a unity of ideas when talking about fashion, and we design without boundaries, the material may be African but the language is universal. From urban to casual through classic outfits, Black Gold is out to give you a unique and different taste of each style.
The road to excellence starts with an idea and our ideas will keep growing so long as we keep the belief.

Steve (Co Founder)

Launch of the brand Black Gold USA in Houston.

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Greatness is not a feeling but an achievment. Black Gold USA has been gratified with so much blessings during the past couple of weeks. The cameroonian community in the USA are a group of hard working and smart people, and it was very natural for them to recieve the creation and launch of the brand.
The event took place in the state of Texas (houston). Its is a annual event that brings together young cameroonians living in the country, so they can get to know each other and share.
Part of Black Golds core believe is solidarity in the African community. It was the first time the event recieved a pre launch ceremony and as you can tell, everybody was excited and curious to know what was coming next.
Black Gold looks forward to more of such events and why not organise its own events in a near future. The run has just started and the vision is still taking form, we had the privilage to live in a country where your dreams can actually come through, however, it is gonna require a little bit mire than just believe.
We shall be present again next year for another edition of WarPeople USA and who knows? May be this time we can come in as partners or sponsors.

Than You.