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We don't know legalese, but here is what you might want to know. We gather your email, phone, and address so we can ship your order and contact you if there is a problem. We do not send bulk emails or "please come back" or "10% off" emails. A communication from us is specifically about your order. We use a secure shopping cart to gather your credit card information. If your credit card declines, we ask you either to call in or use a secure link to provide a different card. You should never put a credit card number into a regular email. We get many letters from happy customers, and we might use your quote on one of our pages, with only your initials and state identified. This is not privacy policy per se, but it is important information we think could be repeated here: We honor copyright law and will not reproduce something to which you do not hold the copyright. We also will not make something we consider lewd, profane, risque, or simply over the line of good taste.