BLACK GOLD USA appreciate every purchase made and takes every transaction very serious with a high level of care. However, due to the fact that every item and transaction is very specific, there is NO refund after the shippment has been made. In case of a defective or damanged item, the damaged item must be noticed by Black Gold upon shipping and if the customer is not satisfied with it, an email should be sent to within the first 30days upon delivery and a refund will be made upon review.
Every transaction is processed through a secured paypal system and an email is sent to the customer when Black Gold recieves the order.That email will contain the order confirmation and the time required for the shippment to me made upon manufacture. It is usually in between 10 to 12 days for order completion but could be less.
Upon shippment, an email is sent to customer with the tracking number of their order.
Terms and conditions are subjected to changes at anytime depending on the evolution of requests and reactions of other customers and partners. That said, it is always a good idea to keep in touch for any change on our policies.